Trying to Expand Technology on an Ever Shrinking Budget?

Allow Us to Show You How You Can:

Ease Desktop Deployment and Management

Our team can build custom desktop and laptop images based on your users’ unique needs. By standardizing on one or two platforms, onboarding becomes faster and more efficient. New users are up in minutes, as opposed to days, and devices with issues can be re-imaged quickly, allowing users to get back to work that much faster. We have various software that allows for the deployment of applications and patches in a quick, standardized manner. With Syndesi, there’s no more wondering which computer has what applications. All of that information is at your fingertips.

Security for Your Network, End User & Server

We have partnered with the leading IT security company, Sophos, who offers a wide range of security products. Not only will we protect your network, but we’ll also protect end user devices, from laptops and smartphones to entire servers. Sophos products work in unison with Syndesi to give you complete security coverage across the board.

We offer the following Services*:

Device Management – Let’s face it, your users have a lot of mobile devices, laptops, smartphones, tablets. Allow us to utilize our years of experience managing one-to-one school environments to get your assets under control. We have solutions for tracking, monitoring, and managing those mobile devices. Ask us about our Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) Program for more information.

Engineering Services – Network and server engineering are the heart of Syndesi Solutions and where we started as a company. We can assist you from the smallest of server issues to planning an entirely new network and server infrastructure. When you have a network issue you can’t solve, we’re there to help. We manage WAN’s, MAN’s and LAN’s for a variety of customers in a wide range of industries. Let’s just say there isn’t much we haven’t seen from a network standpoint.

Help Desk – Sometimes you just need to speak with a human being. Allow our friendly Help Desk staff to assist your users with their desktop issues. Our Help Desk staff are well versed in solving desktop issues, with most issues solvable without even having to send someone on site. But if they cannot solve your issue over the phone or through remote control, we have the ability to dispatch technicians on site.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions – For those times when worst case scenario becomes reality, we have teamed up with two of the leading software companies for backup and disaster recovery. File level backup is only half of the story; talk to us about VM backups and DR. Just ask yourself: What would you do in a disaster? If you can’t answer that question, we can build a plan together to ensure your business can continue to run, even if the worst happens.

Infrastructure Solutions – Servers and network running slow? When is the last time you replaced your hardware? How about your network cabling? IT infrastructure is often the most overlooked cause for poor server and network performance. Let us help you assess your infrastructure and build a plan to get it updated. While infrastructure is not “as cool” as a fancy new laptop, it makes all of the “cool stuff” run that much better, because sometimes you really just have to go back to basics.

Identity Management – Tired of fighting multiple passwords for different systems and applications? Tired of worrying about who has rights to what? Talk with us about an identity management solution. An identity management solution can simplify managing your users, their passwords and their rights.

Server Virtualization – Running multiple servers? Let us consolidate your server infrastructure into a more efficient, virtualized environment. Virtual server environments (VSE’s) require less hardware, which utilizes less electricity and produces less heat. VSE’s also allow for more efficient maintenance windows, and since there are multiple hosts, you aren’t reliant on just one physical server. In the event of a host issue, you can migrate your VM’s and continue working while the host is being repaired.

Mac OS and iOS Deployments – Thinking about deploying Apple products in your environment? We have years of experience building custom Mac OS images as well as large scale Mac and iOS deployments. Utilize our Apple expertise to make your deployment faster and more efficient. We also manage large scale Mac and iOS deployments, from asset tracking to software and patch distribution.

Organizations need a partner who can take all of the complicated pieces of technology and bring them together into simple solutions that enhance your professional environment. Let Syndesi be your complete Solutions provider for integrating and supporting your systems.

*some services may be E-Rate eligible

*authorized Reseller for HP an ALJP contract